Tarantino’s Latest Masterpiece - The Hateful Eight

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Tarantino’s latest masterpiece contends with its predecessors for being Tarantino’s most impressive movie yet (which is no mean feat). The movie attributes its success, yet again, to impeccable casting, acting and dialogue as well as a riveting crescendo of high intensity, gore soaked twists and turns that give this wonderful western a ‘whodunit’ vibe.
The Hateful Eight - Major Warren
The Hateful Eight was crafted with the revival of the old-hat camera process known as Ultra Panavision-70, offering firm support to the argument that digital and film can happily co-exist – with impressive results. Tarantino’s retrospective taste for this kind of cinematography even lead to a heated dispute about access to the movie’s 70mm film print, with three of the UK’s most popular cinemas, Cineworld, Picturehouse and Curzon, who didn’t end up showing the film.
The Hateful Eight - Joe Gage
The sheer quality of the dialogue Tarantino is famous for allows for a 3 hour stint in a Wyoming blizzard, most of which is set between four walls, to become an exhilarating guessing game in which none of the sorry bunch of bounty hunters and renegades can be trusted or their next move predicted. It is difficult to contain a bizarre urge to laugh out loud at the ludicrous chain of events as they unfold.
Being Tarantino’s eighth film (23 years after his seminal debut – Reservoir Dogs), the iconic director has mentioned that he could soon be reaching his last as he plans to ‘go gracefully into my tender years’. It is clear that he wishes to leave a legacy un-besmirched by the undignified act of not knowing when you’ve had your day, which is difficult to argue with though it would be a great shame to wave such a talent off into the history books. Having said that who knows what could happen when he’s struck by his next bolt of genius.
The Hateful Eight - Awards
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