Vintage T-Shirts Featuring Cult Classics

Finally, we’ve been enjoying some sunshine this Bank Holiday. And this coming weekend is supposed to bring temperatures hotter than Ibiza. Have you discovered that last’s year’s clothes are looking tired and worn? Have your t-shirts been worn one too many summers?

Whether you’re heading to a festival this summer, or need something to chillax on holiday in, Revolution Ape have a huge collection of vintage t-shirts, which are highly versatile and will suit any informal occasion.

You can pay homage to the 1960s peace movement, with this CND Symbol T-shirt. Featuring the popular peace symbol, it is strongly reminiscent of the spirit of this revolutionary decade. One of the most widely known symbols in the world, it’s synonymous with the CND movement and was designed by a former WWII conscientious objector.

Or if you feel nostalgic about the days of the mix tape, our Audio Cassette Tape Classic T-Shirt is the perfect vintage t-shirt for anyone who grew up between 1970s and circa 1995. It’ll instantly remind you of taping songs off the radio and making that ‘perfect compilation’. Phased out in the early 2000s, the cassette tape is an emblem of the music industry for two decades.

We also have a number of Buddhist t-shirts- another movement popular in the 1960s, and increasingly popular in today’s world.

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