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As you gather around the television this Christmas, as families used to around a roaring fire, what keeps you tuned in? The Queen’s speech? Or old re-runs of classics like Columbo?

If you fancy giving somebody a funny t-shirt this Christmas, our TV and Movie T-shirts will make a fantastic stocking filler.

We have TV T-shirts that reflect everybody’s favourite shows, from cult classics like The Old Grey Whistle Test and Morecambe & Wise to modern comedy classics like The IT Crowd.

This year we’ve lost many of our favourite stars, including, tragically, the petite comedian Ronnie Corbett, who passed away this March aged 85. It’s tempting to think that the two Ronnies are at least together again- possibly performing to the angels in heaven.

Born in Edinburgh, Ronnie Corbett was only 5’’1 inches tall and his height was frequently used as part of his humour. He first starred in The Two Ronnies in 1971, not long after Monty Python first hit our screens.

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Among our TV Show T-shirts is this wonderful Four Candles T-shirt that celebrate one of their most famous sketches. Originally titled ‘The Hardware Shop Sketch’, it was inspired by a real-life incident in Harrington in Kent, details of which were sent to the BBC by the shop owners who had experienced it.

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