Looking for Novelty T-Shirts for a Birthday?

Feeling down in the dumps this January?

At Revolution Ape we can bring your favourite TV show onto a t-shirt.

We have a massive range of novelty t-shirts that channel the best comedy shows and movies.

If you’re a fan of the late-great Rik Mayall, we have plenty of novelty t-shirts from his most popular shows, including Bottom and The Young Ones.

Rik Mayall’s characters were described as ‘not neatly drawn sketches’ but ‘vast mad scribbles, jammed to the margins with noise and energy’; an epitaph that most Mayall fans would agree with!

Strongly associated with the 1980s-alternative comedy scene, Rik rose to fame after appearing on the show A Kick Up The 80s, where he played the rambling, verbose character Kevin Turvey, who makes an appearance on one of our novelty t-shirts!

With a broad West-Midlands accent, Kevin Turvey regaled viewers with his inane investigations, which rarely (if ever) led anywhere. Rik Mayall, who was a huge Peter Cook fan, compared this character to Cook’s famous character E.L.Wisty.

Our novelty t-shirts make the perfect birthday present for any comedy fan, whether they love British or American sitcoms. Extremely affordable, you can order each one online for only £15.00.

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