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At our online shop, you’ll find hundreds of TV and movie themed t-shirts, including many featuring classic comedy characters. These t-shirts make a brilliant birthday present for any ardent fan of British comedy.

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Whether you loved ‘that’ Ross Kemp scene in Extras, or are a huge Mighty Boosh fan, we have TV t-shirts to delight any fan, including this Moss themed t-shirt.

Arguably the funniest character in the IT Crowd, Maurice Moss is played to comic perfection by Richard Ayoade. From briefly working in a bar by accident, to pretending to be a football fan, it’s difficult not to have a huge affection for this character.

Moss is not only a computer expert, but has a genius level intellect that means he has some epic quotes. After all, he can remember 15-digit numbers after only hearing them only once! If nerdy humour is your bag, this t-shirt is a wonderful way to meet fellow fans.

The TV t-shirts on our online shop are fun, unique and guaranteed to reflect anyone’s tastes.

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